Chess Tournament Equipment Regulations

Preparing for a forthcoming chess competition? Provided that this is true, here are a couple of things you have to think about the guidelines encompassing what you can and can’t use in competitions. The accompanying conversation follows FIDE competition guidelines.

1. Chess Pieces for Tournaments

The two players must concede to the chess pieces utilized by one or the other player. The pieces can be made of any material that is wood, plastic, or copies either alternative. The tallness of the King should be 3.75 inches, with a base distance across of about 1.5 inches. There is a little squirm room in the size of your pieces, yet not a great deal. There is no specific decision on the heaviness of the pieces, in spite of the fact that I exceptionally propose hefty piece (they make for better steadiness).

The style of pieces is adaptable, however Staunton style suggested. The main huge principle is that the King and the Queen must be plainly separated. The dull pieces in the chess set are typically earthy colored or dark, or must be a dim shade of these two tones. The light pieces might be normal wood tone or some other light tone. It’s significant that your pieces are not very sparkling – as that is a significant interruption in a competition.

2. Chess Boards for Tournaments

Contingent upon the competition, the sort of material utilized in the board may matter. Most competitions, be that as it may, will permit wood, stone, marble, vinyl, plastic, or cardboard. The significant marker of a competition chess board is that the differentiation in the shadings utilized be huge enough. The sheets can’t have a glossy completion (a gleaming completion makes a lot of glare and makes play troublesome).

The size of the squares on the load up should be multiple times the measurement of a pawn’s base. The most well known square size is 2-2.5 inches.

3. Chess Clocks for Tournaments

Both simple (mechanical) and computerized chess times are worthy at most competitions. Simple chess timekeepers ought to have the option to flag entire hours and a banner that can be obviously observed when it falls. It is suggested that the clock run as unobtrusively as could reasonably be expected (an uproarious ticking clock can disturb play).

Computerized Chess Clocks adhere to comparable standards. It should show consistently the leftover time left for the two players. The presentations should be decipherable from a separation of 10 feet away. The clock ought to have the option to run without a battery change for in any event 10 hours. The clock ought to likewise have a security highlight making it difficult to delete or change the information in show with a straightforward control.

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